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Bienenprojekt in Bosnien und Herzegowina

BEE KEEPING Due to the extremely poor economic situation in our city (according to some unofficial estimates, about 60% of unemployment), as well as unemployment in our church community, Sylvia and Dario have started a beekeeping project.

Middle project 2

“Middle project 2” or repairing a road and bringing city water there brings us so much benefits in our work on apiary.

Road (300 meter) that leads to our apiary is in very bad conditions. With the first rains even with car we can’t go up and down and trucks or other vehicles that brings us all material can’t get to us. Because of that we must wait only for 10-15 really sunny days in order to get all material and many times we need to leave a car on main road and walk down to the land and apiary. When we have things we need to bring on the land that make us great problem. For example: last time when we made paths around bees, we rented extra tractor to brings us stones and that didn’t just cost us extra money but also destroyed road even more.

City water. Well, at the moment we do not have clear water (drinking water) on the land and sometimes we need to go2 or 3 times to a town with big canisters and bring water up. When it comes to feeding a bees (making syrup for them) we must go even up to 5-6 times and with that we are loosing our time, destroying only one car we have for apiary (due to weight of those canisters). So that city water will help both us and bees.

Cost of this project is 1.500 EUR/1.830 USD and we already have 770 EUR/940 USD. If you would like to give to this project please visit our page GIVING for instructions. May God bless you in Jesus name!

Anm.: Bankspesen nach Bosnien sind nicht unbedeutend. Bitte kontaktiere uns (TPL), & wir können ein paar Spenden zusammenlegen und mit nur einer Gebühr senden.

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