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Bienenprojekt in Bosnien und Herzegowina


Due to the extremely poor economic situation in our city (according to some unofficial estimates, about 60% of unemployment), as well as unemployment in our church community, Sylvia and Dario have started a beekeeping project.

Storm damage on apiary

Yesterday north part of Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by very strong and dangerous storm. We have heard that people stayed without roofs, that trees were falling down etc.

Day after we went to our land and apiary in Derventa (also placed in north part of Bosnia) and as we came we saw what storm did to us to. We didn’t had a time to record it all, but beside this pictures we had many fallen trees on a road, two bee hives that stayed without cover so bees have been exposed to heavy ice balls but praise God they somehow survived.

Biggest damage was on the small house. A huge tree (probably 12 meter high or more) fell on that small house and summer house and destroyed a lot of that. Also a lot of plants we planted in past two years were destroyed or damaged.

Please pray for us to recover from that and to be able to rebuild and replant all that was damaged.

If you feel on your heart that you want to continue to donate for our apiary and all we do on the land, please visit our GIVE page in order to see how you can send your lovely gifts to us.

Grace, peace, love and blessings!

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