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Bienenprojekt in Bosnien und Herzegowina


Due to the extremely poor economic situation in our city (according to some unofficial estimates, about 60% of unemployment), as well as unemployment in our church community, Sylvia and Dario have started a beekeeping project.

Dear brothers and sisters,

as you know we have almost finished Project 1. Actually, God has blessed us to collect all money we needed for that project and now we just need to put ceramic tiles in a warehouse where we will extract honey, paint warehouse and put a fence behind our beehives.

We have also developed our bee colonies and will continue to do that through this year but weather conditions are very bad in past 3 years so we can’t say how much honey we will have this year (hope it will be better then last year).

Since weather conditions are changes and each year there is more and more rain we have decided to help our bees and to protect them from moisture. So we have started to cover first block with 5 beehives. That will be done this coming week as we put a roof over it (visit our web page and this post next week as we will add more pictures).

If you don’t know, moisture is one of the biggest enemy for bees and as much as they are on dry land (protected from rain and snow) they have more chances to stay alive during a winter time and to be stronger as colonies.

Now we need to cover 11 blocks more till the end of August or middle of September and this project will cost us EUR 770 or USD 940. So we are looking for 1 persons who will donate for one shelter (all together 11 persons for 11 shelters) and if you get this on your heart please visit page below and see how you can make your donations.

(We have up to now promise of 123 EUR/150 USD)

Thanks in advance and may God of peace bless you in Jesus name!

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