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Bienenprojekt in Bosnien und Herzegowina


Due to the extremely poor economic situation in our city (according to some unofficial estimates, about 60% of unemployment), as well as unemployment in our church community, Sylvia and Dario have started a beekeeping project.

Project 1 (part 1): Building warehouse and preparing for more work

Lord Jesus has blessed us to collect all money we need to finish Project 1.

1. We have bought today ceramic tiles that will be used for room in warehouse where we will extract honey.

2. Few hours after that from southern part of our country (Hezegovina) arrived plants that we will sow on Monday in a front of our bee hives. Also we are waiting for some more seeds that we will sow on same area and on that way make it whole area suitable for bees to collect honey.

3. Workers in Derventa started to build our warehouse. They should finish it in about 10 days and then we will start to put ceramic tiles and to move all bee hives there.

That’s all for now. On Monday I will record some video and make more pictures and as soon as we finish this, we will continue with other things from Project 1.


pastor Dario Kapin

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